Why complaining and having a poor me attitude gets you no where. 

We’ve all done it , some continue to do it ..But complaining, whinging, droppin the “poor me” and constantly seeking sympathy and validation from others has never gotten anyone an inch closer to their dreams and goals in life . Let go of the bullshit, the past and the inner belief of the “I deserve better” attitude because no one is better than any one else, we all fuck up, we all do something that hurts someone at some point but in the end we are all EQUAL individuals , just at different stages of our lives, making mistakes and learning along the way. 

So how about instead of thinking we deserve better from others we better OURSELVES within so we don’t feel the need to either seek validation from others, better ourselves within so we stop blaming others for our current situation, mood, issues, anger, stress and drama.  We can’t be blaming others for our individual choices and learning paths. Because no matter how much of a good person we are , we will always be THAT^ person to – one person (the one that believes they deserve better than you).  

No matter how bad someone has treated us it’s how we chose to REACT, don’t let it define the present you, we have a choice! You can either let it define you and be a bitter you for life or see it as a tool that’s been given and be a BETTER you. We don’t need to constantly put out into the universe how hard our life is, self pity is SHIT! Just because we’ve had a bad experience (duh every body has) it doesn’t need to be projected negatively back out onto that person that was involved, let alone the universe, how about actually looking at it as a positive because it’s given you an opportunity, a challenge, to gain strength and to better yourself as a person! 

If we all did that when we go through hard times , everyone would be too busy bettering themselves for a better experience next time rather than whinging and blaming others for who they are and why they act the way they do now. Bitter you or better you. We’ve been given all the tools needed, we just need to do the work. Who the hell has the right to belittle someone else’s journey and life choices anyway which in turn sometimes turn out to be bad ones? Because we ALL make them, that’s life, that’s learning and we have to make them to become more deserving of ourselves and the goodness that awaits. 

We all deserve equally. 

Lastly have a donut and cheer the fuck up! Life isn’t as hard as you think, it’s your perception, you have the ability to change that or be a bitter sad sack that thinks the world is against you. The choice is yours.  

An open letter to my dog

Dear Dog – my dear precious BabyRoc.


This is you, the day you were bought to your new, at the time, “temporary” home. I walked through the back gate, and there you were, I just melted when I first laid eyes on you. I knelt down, you put your arms around me as I said “aww cuddles Baby Roc” .. and little did I know you would eventually mean so much to me.

Of-course I love every animal I ever met, and more so, the love I have for my own is unexplainable. So Roc I loved you, but at that time, not as one of my own, because you weren’t mine, we were only looking after you, and eventually you’d have to go back to your original owner.

So what is it I want to say to you, well firstly you gave me hell the first few months, you haven’t been easy to care for, at 5 months you weighed approximately 25kgs and thats pretty much half of me, you were strong already. I had no idea what I would be in for.

You settled in straight away, you made our home, your home. You would stay inside with me and the boys and always have something in your mouth. For some reason slippers were your favourite chew toy, it’s because of you I have cold feet. I soon realised I had to “baby proof the house” because as soon as id turn away from you, you’d been into something. You would eat anything and everything and when you were naughty it wasn’t a problem getting you outside because I had a partner to help me with you. You didn’t like going outside alone and in turn to get me back you’d ruin something in the backyard.

Once upon a time I had lovely plants in a garden-bed, I now have a dirt mound because of you. There was a really special LOVE sign of mine up on the window sill, we went out one day, came home and all that was left was a VE sign. Not to mention what you did to my buddha, because of you I cannot have nice pretty ornaments in my garden.

Our nights on the couch after work, soon became secluded nights apart, my partner would be in the lounge and Id been in the bedroom with you trying to settle you down and relax, because you were just a puppy you’d never chill the fuck out, and because of you I didn’t get to spend much needed one on one time with my partner.

You’ve tested my patience on a daily basis and because of you id cry over stupid shit, like spilt milk.

Because of you I had to give up a favourite TV show.

Remember that time you decided to eat a shit load of rocks? ROCKY, remember that? Yes, you ate ROCKS from the backyard. Because of you I was broke for a month after spending all my money at Animal Emergency that time you ATE ROCKS.

You now weigh 45kgs. The amount of food you eat and need to have a full and happy tummy costs me a fortune, because of you I go without the nice things. Because of you, I eat 2 min noodles for dinner some nights.

But Roc over the past 9 months, you’ve done a hell of a lot more than just the above and these things are something many wouldn’t think about when they own a dog like you. You rem ind me of Marley from “Marley and Me”

Because of you I’ve become strong and healthy, you and I walk every single day, because of you I notice the beauty of the simple things in life when you stop to sniff, I spot some beautiful flowers.

Because of you I’ve had someone to cry on and to vent to. When I lost my partner you stood up and became my ROCK (no that wasn’t meant to be a pun). Rocky my rock, because of you I’ve had to get up on days I didn’t want to face the world because you rely on me to give you breaky and throw the ball.

Because of you, I have a best friend, you listen to me rant and do your cute head tilt.

You may not be human, but we are connected in a very special way, you are my bestest buddy. I am extremely blessed you came into my life even though you shook it to the core. You helped change me in many ways, for the better.

Because of you I have learnt materialist things don’t mean shit, they will just get dirty anyway with your big paws. Oh and I clean a-lot, if I don’t pick it up you’ll eat it.

Because of you I laugh so much more, you’re always doing something silly like falling off the couch or bumping your head on something. I have you by my-side while I work, you accompany me on a late night servo run, because of you I smile.

Finally, because of you I have more love in my life, more happiness and you give me so much more than you could ever imagine. You’re not just “a dog” you are family and we have so many more years of adventures ahead, and Iv’e probably got a lot more mischief of  yours to put up with, but I don’t mind….

Why? Because of you….I am me.

Love your fur-mum Lozzie xo



Please note, I wrote this very late and haven’t proof read it, I wrote it straight from the heart and thats just how it is. I do hope you like it and maybe someone can relate to it if you have a fur baby like my Rocky. Much Love Lozzie xo

Stop telling blokes to MAN UP! This campaign is encouraging mens emotions. It’s OKAY to say “I’m not OKAY”

Stop telling blokes to MAN UP! This campaign is encouraging mens emotions. It’s OKAY to say “I’m not OKAY”

A awesome campaign aimed at men of all ages encouraging emotions, and that it’s okay to cry, its healthy and good to let it out.

Share it around lets continue to help break the stigma

Incredible artwork made by ONE man, it’s a must see!

Incredible artwork made by ONE man, it’s a must see!

You won’t believe it unless you see it!

Some years ago I came across an artist by the name of Simon Beck, I totally forgot about him until yesterday when I was creating a geometric pattern in my design programme. This made me think of him and his amazing art.

Simon 58,  is a passionate creator and you sure as hell would have to be to walk around in the freezing cold elements of the Apls every winter. Snow artist Simon plods along in the snow for a good 11 hours  (with special snow boots of-course) to create just one of his insanely beautiful mathematical masterpieces. Covering around 100 mt x 100 mt of freshly laid snow he does this ever so naturally until each section comes together as one.

If you’re in need of some motivation this is sure to get your art feels flowing! His work is definitely a wonder of the world. Get this, he makes around 30 different designs every winter! Hmm maybe he gets time to travel around the world and create those alien like crop circles too *giggles*

Well enjoy the images of Simon Beck’s stunning snow works and share his beauty with the world.

Oh and heres an amazing short clip to watch below


If you wish to contact me please feel free, i’d love to hear from you.

Upcoming Waning Moon of the Goddess Wednesday 19 October 2016

Upcoming Waning Moon of the Goddess Wednesday 19 October 2016

We all know about moon phases, most of us usually only take notice of a Full Moon as there are many positives to take from this phase.


But what about when the moon is Waning?  Just after a Full Moon, comes the Waning Moon. Did you know there are also many aspects to this moon phase, and its just as important because it’s here your ambitions and manifestations of the Full Moon start to unfold. There’s certain attributes that can contribute to your activities of daily life. Let me outline them for you, so you can take as much from this moon phase as possible.

Waning Moon is one of my favourite, its beautiful to look at, make sure you take the time to go outside and reap the energies this Moon Phase has to offer. This happens around 2-3 days after a Full Moon which we just had on Sunday 16 October, Waning Moon will appear on Wednesday 19 October. The Moon will appear to be more than one half but not fully illuminated by direct sunlight.


Waning Moon (The Goddess) will be present for about 14 days, make the most of this amazing period by taking note of the brief but helpful advice following.

Waning Moon is YOU time, time to put into play your manifestation that you put together during the recent Full Moon, the time to focus on anything that may be bringing you sadness, heartache and negativity and a time to banish bad or unwanted habits. Be the goddess you hold within.



Overall like the other Moon Phases Waning will bring it’s very own unique energy and the feeling to actually begin and follow through with plans you have had in the thought process. Things began during the Full Moon Phase are likely to need a boost and this is the time to do these things, for YOU.